Be inspired, be agile!

Welcome to Certify to Inspire, the Agile Certification Program which is completely  independent of any particular agile framework, method, or practice! 

Be inspired, be agile!

Our high quality Agile Certification Program Certify to Inspire was designed to inspire people to take notice of the agile manifesto and to start (or continue) building a profound understanding of agility by applying agile principles and practices and helping others do the same.

We are grateful to the many volunteering experts who continuously build Certify to Inspire to ensure it will give you a thrilling experience!

Find out all about the Agile Certification Program on this website and feel free to ask us a question, give us your feedback or register for an exam of your choice.

Exams for organizations

Certify to Inspire is a great opportunity for those employees who super charge your organization with an agile mindset!

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