If you are new to agile, then you should consider taking our Agile Foundation exam. It challenges you upfront to deep dive into the topic and get familiar with the terms people use and the different frameworks, methods, and practices to choose from. After passing the exam, youcan rest assured that you have a pretty good idea what agile is all about. Enough to uncover better ways of doing your job (or the next)!



The Agile Foundation Certificate is meant for people who are new to agile and curious about what the agile principles and practices are all about.

The idea behind the Agile Foundation Exam, which preceeds the granting of an Agile Foundation Certificate, is that people submerge themselves into knowledge about agile by reading books and articles, visiting agile events, observing agile behaviour in their organizations or by being trained.

Reaping the benefits

A desire to obtain an Agile Foundation Certificate helps you to submerge into everything agile has to offer. You will find a lot of great books, wonderful articles, beautiful people and great agile teams. You will also encounter stories of failure and disappointment, which help you understand the challenges people face when trying to become more agile.

Use the Agile Foundation Exam to measure if you know enough about agile to be taken seriously when you initiate agile principles and practices in your organization and whenever you help other people become more agile.

The next level in the Agile Certification Roadmap is the Agile Practitioner Certificate. You are not required to have obtained an Agile Foundation certificate to apply for the Practitioner, although it may help you a lot.

Your investment

Taking an Agile Foundation Exam costs 175 euro excl. VAT per candidate. If you are a member of the Agile Consortium, you receive a 20% discount on that price, bringing it down to 140 euro excl. VAT.

Next to a monetary investment, you are free to “design” your personal investment with regard to how you prepare for the exam. Please take a look at the requirements for the exam and then decide what your preparation will look like.

We whole heartily recommend you to take a couse, read lots of books and articles but above all talk to people who apply agile principles and practices. Ask them questions, observe what they do, have them show the tricks of the trade and have great discussions.

Applying for an exam

In order to obtain an Agile Foundation Certificate, you will need to pass a multiple-choice exam which tests your knowledge about agile theory and terminology.

As a candidate, you need to visit an exam location and answer 60 multiple-choice questions within 60 consecutive minutes. The exam is currently paper-based so you need to take a black or blue pen with you. To pass the exam, you need to answer 70% of the questions correctly, which means 42 out of 60. Each question has four possible answers, including one best answer.

Within two weeks after the exam, you will be informed about the results. If you pass, a certificate will be sent to your home or work address (whichever you supply).

Just contact us using the contact details below if you want to know more about the exam or wish to apply immediately.

How to prepare your exam

You find the requirements for the exam in the Reference Card. Some agile terminology will also be helpful.

Please note that we do not recommend specific books nor articles. We want you to submerge into agile without limiting you. Read books and weblogs, visit seminars and other kinds of agile events, talk to people who practice agility, and best of all, start being involved in agile yourself!

Use the reference card as your guide and test yourself after a while with the sample exam. Find our if you passed by reading the answers afterwards. Please note that this sample exam does NOT include any questions from the “real” exam. It is meant just to give you an impression of the kind of questions that will be asked and to practice answering 60 questions in 60 minutes.

Good luck preparing and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

Disclaimer (yes, we have one)

Please be aware that there is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass the exam even after attending a full-blown 2-day training. We have no partnerships with specific trainers or training companies because Certify to Inspire is an independent quality label. Both a trainer and you should be very much aware of the exam criteria. Besides that, understanding agile might take a while if you wish to do it properly. We therefore recommend you to dive into multiple sources of knowledge instead of relying on just a few. Use the Reference Card for pretty clear hints on what to look for.

The exam itself contains questions along the different categories for the exam criteria, including questions with technical content.


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